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Music and it’s roots; Educational Project

Educational background and musical program of the Oud instrument
This lecture is about the history of music and will answer questions like, Where does the word music come from? What do the letters “Do, Re, Me, Fa” mean? How do musicians from ancient times understand each other, and How were these musical instruments created?

Ramy teaches students new musical scales that can be used on any instrument which was used hundreds of years ago, as well as teaching its history that will invite an open dialogue. This project is perfect for schools, workshops and universities. This project has also been performed dozens of times in schools and universities in North and South America. It’s been widely received with great acclaim and these students have learned how they become more creative and productive once they have discovered music and it’s roots.

Sacred Music

Performed with the Cathedral’s own choir and Organ Facilities
The music of the Oud is inspired by the sounds found during the time of King David. This music dates back to the time of Israel and the Middle East. This program is perfect for Cathedral and places of worship. Ramy was inspired in Cathedrals and Sacred places, people came in droves to attend his concert for having never heard this music coupled with the Oud.

The Oud in ancient Egypt was played only in sacred places for worship until 1500-B.C. This reason was because of it’s haunting sounds that captivates hearts and mind. One example, was its music that used during the time of King David and in his tent. Other instruments used were, the Doof, Kannour, Oud, Nai and Rabbab; many are no longer heard or used today. The Oud instrument was also played during the Babylonian and Egyptians times and was specifically used for their sacred music.

This sacred music project includes Middle Eastern and North African music. Sufi music, which is known as an Israeli and Islamic sound, was inspired by the Psalms of David. This ran 60 minutes long and Ramy was grateful to be joined by the Choir of the Cathedral of Saint Luke and it’s orchestra. This project can either be a solo project or joined by a choir, organ or musicians of the Cathedral itself.


Fantasia Project

Ensemble Jazz Music Project
For the second time in American musical history, Jazz and the Oud joined together. Ramy Adly played and composed contemporary music and selected songs from the history of American Jazz; from its early stages then and now.

Below you will find a full Jazz band.


A Sound of Ages

World Music Ensemble Project
The world music ensemble provides upbeat, dramatic and traditional music from Egypt, Morocco and North of Africa. This music includes songs of Abdolwahab, Said Darwish, Nazim El-khazaly and 1940s music of the Middle East. The second portion of the concert you will find contemporary Middle Eastern music which is instrumental.

I am joined by my great friend, Stuart Dickson who I met in Egypt of 2011. Stuart traveled around the world to play full time rhythms of the middle east. I also met the unforgettable and fantastic Opera singer, Lubana AlQuntar who sings in Arabic and English. She has won many awards for her great talent. Her traditional sound, coupled with Stuart’s percussions, we created an incredible sound together.

The Ensemble includes:
Multi-Percussions of the Meddle East {Tabbla-Rick-Balls} Stuart Dickson
Oud {wooden and Electrice Oud} Ramy Adly
Vocal by the first singer Lubana EQuntar




Oud Solo Recital

Sounds from around the world
The Oud is known as the first stringed instrument in history. The first appearance of the Oud was in 3000 BC. History tells us that this instrument was used during the time of King David and traveled with them to the Holy Land. In fact, the Oud was left in the hands of the Egyptians and the Iraqis when the Israelites came out of Egypt. Even today, the Oud still maintains the same features and haunted sounds.

This solo recital will bring you original songs of Egyptian heritage, melodies and compositions written by Ramy Adly, which includes moods (musical scales) that have been played on the Oud for decades. Ramy will also play well-loved American songs.

This solo recital runs approximately 60 minutes in length, with brief interruptions that will explain the history of the Oud.

A Sense Of Victory

Music Among the Nations

Upbeat music

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