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Ramy Adly is a young master of the oud, the versatile lute-like instrument that shaped Arab classical music. Grounded in the main Arab classical styles thanks to rigorous training in his native Egypt, Adly has branched out repeatedly, incorporating jazz idioms and embracing conversations with other musicians around the world.

Adly has performed around the Middle East, Europe, and North America. He has composed music for theater and film, and gathered a large number of students around the world, via an innovative online curriculum he created, called The School of Oud Online. His sensitive, robust playing has been heard from the Library at Alexandria to American cathedrals and schools.

Now based in Washington, DC, Adly continues to expand the possibilities of his instrument. “I want to bring the oud to the same level as the guitar culturally, the instrument that’s everywhere and can do everything,” he exclaims.

For Adly, the oud has always been like a member of the family. Nearly everyone in his family played the oud when he was growing up in Cairo, including uncles, siblings, and his beloved grandfather, who gave him his first introduction to the complex, evocative instrument. “I grew up listening to the oud,” he recalls.

Listening is one thing, and mastering the instrument another. Adly plunged into his study of this age-old instrument at the Arab Oud House, with Iraqi oud virtuoso Naseer Shamma. Adly found himself practicing for a dozen hours a day, and loving it. “It was a lot like the system Paganini established for his students,” Adly explains. “You have to go through the fire to be trained as a performer and composer. I graduated as both composer and soloist.”

Under Shamma’s direction, Adly played at major Cairo venues as part of small chamber groups and large orchestral ensembles. He performed at international oud conferences, book conventions, film festivals, and, notably, at the Library in Alexandria, where he became an Artist in Residence and gave numerous talks on the history of music (including one as part of a TEDx event at the Library).

The diverse venues and audiences speak to Adly’s ability to welcome listeners into his instrument’s complex world and reveal fresh sides of ancient music. His foundation: the varied musical approaches to the oud that sprang from different regions in the Middle East. “To really know the oud, you need to know its different styles. The Egyptian style is much slower, more dedicated to improvisation, to freer rhythms and more contemplative feelings,” Adly notes. “There specific maqams and microtones that are only used in Egypt. The Iraqi style is more dynamic, faster paced. There’s a lot more showmanship. It has a completely different feeling to it.”

Adly has full command of both, a broad vocabulary that has aided him in his exploration of the oud’s many facets. Adly has built a reputation as a skillful composer who can merge Arab and Western sensibilities seamlessly. He composed part of the score for David Cunningham’s upcoming feature film, Day of War. He created commissioned works for a Cairo production of a Llorca play, “Blood Wedding,” supported by the Spanish Embassy, and for a Florida congregation, collaborating with a large choir and pipe organist.

Whether arranging jazz pieces for an oud lead, or writing original music with global influences–a project he debuted at DC’s Kennedy Center, Adly remains devoted to his instrument and the music it makes. “Music is my destiny,” muses Adly. “it’s something that brings me my dreams.”

Recent Notable Accomplishments

    • Composed and performed the musical score for the upcoming feature film “Day Of War”, 2012. directed by David Cunningham (To End All Wars) & produced by Grant Curtis (OZ the Great and Powerful, Spiderman 1, 2, and 3).
    • Composed and performed soundtrack for the play, “Blood Wedding”, by Spanish playwright Garcia Lurca ,Spanish director Marco Juthato with the actors of October Six University. The Newspapers, El-Haram and El-Gamhoria reviews praised the music performance and composition.
    • Composed, Performed and conducted the Concert at the Cathedral of St. Luke’s in Florida, The music was specifically composed for this concert for choir and pipe organ (5000 pipes). Pieces performed: “Overture Harvest”, “Remember Me” and “A Sense of Victory”. The Cathedral Choir of 40 singers as well as cellist, Jules Bloloshak ,rythm, Munib Massad trumpet,Benoit Glazer.


Concerts and musical performances and posts

      • Ramy Adly’s concert at Arab Oud House, under the auspices of the Cultural Development Fund and the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, concert was entitled Sufi Rhapsody known as (Tourists of the Heavens). He performed the works of El-Hallaj and traditional Christian songs, literature songs by Naseer Shamma, in the presence of the Naseer Shamma and a group of artists and the media Arabic Oud House, Cairo Egypt, 2012.
      • Ramy Adly’s concert at The Cathedral of St. Luke’s, the biggest cathedral of Central Florida, United States of America, in which he composed the music specifically for choir and for the pipe organ consisting of 5000 Pipes. Ramy collaborated with the amazing Organ player by Ben Lane, choir consisting of 40 singers, as well as guitarist Jules Poloshek Shiloh, percussion Munib Massad and trumpet maestro Benoit Glazer, the concert was attended by a audience of American and Egyptian public, Florida, U.S.A, 2014.
      • Participated in the First International Oud Forum at Cairo Opera House, conducted by Naseer Shamma with the participation of 30 outstanding Oud musicians. These artists were from the Middle East and the Arab world. The International Oud Forum, Cairo Opera House, Grand Theatre, Egypt 2010.
      • Performed a solo concert at the third American film festival in Florida 2014 before an audience of filmmakers, actors, artists, directors and producers.
      • Ramy Adly and his band performed a concert at the International Book Forum in Nasr City. They performed pieces of Egyptian traditional music and melodies by Sayed Darwish and Mohamed Abdel Wahab and other Iraqi traditional pieces by Nazem al-Ghazali, using the rhythms of Africa and Egypt performed by percussionist Scottish Stuart Dickson, Fady Azia from Cairo, Egypt. 2012
      • Performed a solo concert of chamber music at the concert hall called the White House, Florida, which is managed by trumpet player Benoit Glazer Mestro and director of the Canadian Cirque du Soleil. Florida 2013- 2014.
      • Participated in a concert with the artist Naseer Shamma and the Orchestra El-Sharq, whose members are among the best musicians in the Middle East, in the city of Ismailia, Egypt in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Industry and a group of artists, Ismailia, Egypt, 2009.
      • Ramy Adly concert, at Aloma Church, this concert attracted a large American audience mostly unfamiliar with the Oud Instrument. He introduced the Oud for the first time to the public there. The program consisted of works of art that combines the Western and Arabic cultures. Jules Poloshik, cellist and percussionist Marc Powder, music compositions by Ramy Adly , traditional middle eastern and Naseer Shamma’s compositions. Florida. 2013.
      • Participated in performance with Naseer Shamma and the El-Sharq Orchestra at the opening ceremony of the Arabic Oud House at the Library of Alexandria, where Ramy taught Oud and Eastern and Western music theory as a resident artist at the Library of Alexandria under the supervision of Naseer Shamma. The performance was on the grand stage at the Library of Alexandria, Alexandria, 2011.
      • Participated in Orchestral concert at the Arabic Oud House, El-Sawy theater, concert conducted by Naseer Shamma. Cairo, 2010.
      • Participated with the chamber concert playing at the Arabic Oud House led by Naseer Shamma under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. House Cairo, Egypt, 2010.
      • Participated with the Arabic Oud House chamber ensemble playing in the Arabic Oud House concert which was televised on direct air satellite channels with Naseer Shamma, Egypt, 2010.
      • Collaborated with the artist Charbel Rouhana and group at The First International Egyptian Oud Forum, Opera, Small theater in 2010 Cairo Opera House.
      • Performed solo at TEDx conference which was attended by a large number of students from the University of Alexandria, music enthusiasts and Oud Students from Alexandria Arabic Oud House. The TEDx conference took place at the Library of Alexandria, Grand Theatre, 2011.
      • Ramy Adly Solo concert at the Mauka theater, Hawaii, where he played in the Arabic musical traditions of Iraq, Egypt and Syria and global music. He performed solo Oud in a concert that lasted more than an hour to an international audience representing more than 45 countries from all over the world. Hawaii (U.S.A), 2012.
      • Solo performance at Assiut University at the graduation ceremony. Egypt, 2009.
      • International concert in Washington,DC, where Ramy performed his composition, “A Sense of Victory”, written in Hawaii, 2012, this concert was attended by more than 450 concert goers. Washington, October, 2014.
      • Ramy Adly, Concert, at the Word of God Church, Washington, DC, Ramy was described as , “Legendary Musician of Egypt” in May 2014. Washington, DC.
      • Participated in several concerts with musicians from Spain, Brazil, the United States, Canada and Norway, America, U.S.A, 2012.


Awards and scholarships

      • 2011 holds a scholarship to study international performing arts at Hawaiian
        University. United States.
      • Holds a certificate of performing arts from the University of The Nation includes, classical dance, theater and music. Studied with experts in the field international, cinema and theater. Hawaii in 2012.
      • An award-winning best soloist of Assiut University in 2008.
      • A Bachelor of Business Administration degree, 2010.



      • Post-graduate specialist certificate in Oud performance, 2011. Arab Oud House Academy, Cairo Egypt. Studied under Naseer Shamma
      • Bachelor in Business Administration, 2010. Assuit University, Assuit, Egypt.



      • International Conference on Oud Performance, 2010. Cairo Opera House, Cairo, Egypt.
      • Co-led instructional workshops on Oud ethnomusicology and performance with Professor Mehmet Betmas (Turkey), and Dr. Charbil Rohanna (Lebanon).


Work History

Founder of School Of Oud Online project 2013-present

      • The first original online project for teaching classical Oud music to students from over around the world.


      • Teaches students from: Russia, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Norway, USA and others.


      • Created website ( for marketing teaching skills and performances to potential clients.
      • Lecturer of Oud Performance, Alexandria Library, 2011-2012. Alexandria, Egypt.
      • Gave individual instruction to a studio of approximately 20 musicians.
      •  Researcher, General Authority Library and national Archives, Alexandria Library, 2006-2011. Alexandria, Egypt.
      • Researched Sufi, Jewish and Middle Eastern ethnomusicology and the chronology of Egyptian music. Results of research directly impacted performance pedagogy used with performance students.
      • Lecturer of Oud Performance, 2009-2012.Arab Oud Academy, Cairo, Egypt.
      • Work in the field of therapeutic music for two months in a hospital for the mentally ill in Hawaii, 2012.



  • Rhapsody oud Sufi and lute, Egypt, 2012
  • Sound like a photo, Cairo, Egypt 2011
  • A Sense of Victory, Hawaii, USA, 2012
  • Overture of Harvest, Florida, United States 2014
  • Remember Me, Florida, United States 2014
  • Fantasia Oud and Organ, Florida. America 2014
  • Day Of War, Hawaii, America 2012


Ramy loved to read poets and to work in Ethnomusicology jobs and to do a concerts ,reading to Mahmoud Darwish and Ahmed Fouad Negm and Ali Mansour, Badr Shaker El-Sayab.

It poets and mystics El-Sayyab, E-Hallaj and Ibn Arabi and others who hosted the profound experiences in his concerts.

Ramy read in several areas, including philosophy and fine arts, painting and global industry, philosophy, logic, Egyptian and American literature and Spanish literature and cinema.

Nominated musician is the author of the work of the Arab dramas to work soundtrack Teeter Series and acts of the play.

He traveled to England and visited by his cultural and historical monuments in the prestigious London, including the British Museum, who examined it for the God of the ancient lute-old in 2350 BC. Promised cathedrals and historic places that are characterized by the United Kingdom, December, 2014.

Commented frequently by Professor Naseer Shamma and Rami, who learn a lot from him and a lot of musical, artistic and cultural secrets in general.