A night in Cairo, Egypt, 2006, I started to believe in that voice that I felt filling my soul and stamped on my heart, in captivity of the creator and in the mysterious’s mood that I was in, I do testify, my life changed to a musician.

I started to unconsciously follow the sound of God … I do know the change in my life is from Him because He was the instructor and the provider for the calling on me. I started to listen to the creation of Him and try to translate the beauty of nature and Bible to music. I do love King David and I researched him and his music until I felt I am one who lived in his era and was one of his close musicians. He had his secret in music that allowed him to listen to creation, both logically and illogically, and recreate the spirit of creation in his music.

Ramy believes in the voice of God. He has turned his face to the Lord to hear more about His original design for him. Ramy practices his music 12 hours daily to improve himself. This is amazing to see.

Ramy has done a lot of well known concert compositions for theater, movie soundtracks and many live concerts. People from all over the world and every walk of life attend Ramy’s concerts. This includes politicians, artists, academic, philosophers, worshipers and movie directors. Many of them have become good friends of his..

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