A Sound of Ages

World Music Ensemble Project
The world music ensemble provides upbeat, dramatic and traditional music from Egypt, Morocco and North of Africa. This music includes songs of Abdolwahab, Said Darwish, Nazim El-khazaly and 1940s music of the Middle East. The second portion of the concert you will find contemporary Middle Eastern music which is instrumental.

I am joined by my great friend, Stuart Dickson who I met in Egypt of 2011. Stuart traveled around the world to play full time rhythms of the middle east. I also met the unforgettable and fantastic Opera singer, Lubana AlQuntar who sings in Arabic and English. She has won many awards for her great talent. Her traditional sound, coupled with Stuart’s percussions, we created an incredible sound together.

The Ensemble includes:
Multi-Percussions of the Meddle East {Tabbla-Rick-Balls} Stuart Dickson
Oud {wooden and Electrice Oud} Ramy Adly
Vocal by the first singer Lubana EQuntar




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