Oud Solo Recital

Sounds from around the world
The Oud is known as the first stringed instrument in history. The first appearance of the Oud was in 3000 BC. History tells us that this instrument was used during the time of King David and traveled with them to the Holy Land. In fact, the Oud was left in the hands of the Egyptians and the Iraqis when the Israelites came out of Egypt. Even today, the Oud still maintains the same features and haunted sounds.

This solo recital will bring you original songs of Egyptian heritage, melodies and compositions written by Ramy Adly, which includes moods (musical scales) that have been played on the Oud for decades. Ramy will also play well-loved American songs.

This solo recital runs approximately 60 minutes in length, with brief interruptions that will explain the history of the Oud.

A Sense Of Victory

Music Among the Nations

Upbeat music

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