" Ramy Adly is a gifted and moving performer. He enchanted a large audience with his music and historical explanations of his instrument. He was able to weave culture with scholarship and make the presentation perfect for a university audience. "

Elaine E. Englehardt, Distinguished Professor of Ethics, Professor of Philosophy, Utah Valley University


Ramy Adly has worked as a guest lecturer and artist, in-residence artist, and workshop facilitator for many years. His passion lies in teaching students and audiences about Middle Eastern music - its rhythms, its musical scales, its maqams, and the Arabic methods of singing.

Before relocating to Washington, D. C, Ramy worked at the Alexandria Library, Egypt as an instructor and researcher on Middle Eastern, Arabic Musical Philosophy and Arabic Musical Theories. Ramy offers relevant, compelling information in his lectures, including sheet music and detailed lessons about Middle Eastern music and culture.

He specifically enjoys teaching about the differences that exist in music and culture of Middle Eastern Nations such as Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and other Gulf nations. Another area of interest is highlighting the differences between Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Sufi music. In his curriculum, he incorporates ancient, modern, and signature songs, case studies, live performances, and hands-on lessons by playing actual ancient instruments.

At the end of each of his lectures, students and audiences can build a clear and robust cultural vision that will help them further their musical endeavors.



Ramy Adly offers special live Oud performances in his lecture series, with the aim of showcasing the native instruments of the Arab world. He performs songs from his repertoire, offering an intimate perspective on the lute-type string instrument. Ramy values every moment with his students and audiences. Whether it’s with one person or 10,000 people in an arena, he always gives his best.

Cultural insights

We provides programs that enhance a student’s ability to follow along with the lecture. Each custom-tailored program is downloadable and printable. He provides a full resource guide of information to aid in the understanding of Middle Eastern music and lays a wealth of valuable information into the history and culture of the Middle Eastern world including sheet music so the students can begin a journey into practising music in the world of the Oud. He provides this content to encourage his students to go deeper and further into playing the ancient sounds that are rising again upon the earth, giving them an opportunity to put theory into practice. Ramy can communicate in English and Arabic. Students are not just left with information without the ability to follow through and become Oud players themselves. If interested, he offers Oud lessons at schoolofoudonline.com There, students can continue their journey to becoming professional or for hobby players of the Oud.

Music & Business Experience
He has lectured and is continually given invitations to lecture. This is what motivated him to create the first ever musician platform called, The Musician Marketplace Along the path of his teaching journey, he has noticed a great need; that students needed a way to finish their art. He also noticed that other artists weren’t making money from the talents they had. This is what gave birth to his idea of themusicianmarketplace.com. He thought, ‘what if I could bring buyers and sellers of music under one roof worldwide to create music your way, and get paid for doing it?’

Thus began the themusicianmarketplace.com journey. It is a platform where artists can live out their dreams of completing full-bodied works of art for/with people from around the world. For example, a student or professional can hire someone anywhere in the world to take a simple beat and make it into a multifaceted orchestra piece. Or, a hip-hop beat maker can find a singer to fill his chores parts. So, now you have artists working together worldwide at cost-effective rates to make professional music. We even work with film artists and composers to create scores for movies, trailers and more. The Musician Marketplace, the greatness doesn’t end here. We have the saying “Make Music: Get Paid” and what this means is that our site is not just about the purchaser but also about the seller. We want to take the so-called, “Starving Artist” and give him an opportunity to make money right from the confines of their home studio. The Musician Marketplace encourages artists to post their abilities, gifts, and talents for hire. Yes, you heard that right. You as an artist can now get paid from your home for making music! Freelance artists can simply post samples of what they do from soloist singers, to lead guitar players, to producers and composers, and many more. We work on a worldwide scale and have seen explosive growth in the short period we have gone ‘live’, and we haven’t even “officially” launched the site yet. So, if your students or professionals are looking to create masterpieces or simply work and get paid, The musician marketplace is definitely for you. Visit The Musician Marketplace and get started.

We have a pleasure to serve:
Ramy has recently lectured and performed at; Brigham Young University, Full Sail University, Utah Valley University, University of the Nations, The U.S. State Department, The Washington DC Kennedy Center, and many more. From our team at RamyAdly.com, we would like to thank you for your interest in considering Ramy Adly as a tool to enhance your curriculum. We hope to see you soon! ’




Stairway to heaven

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A Sense of Victory

Ramy Adly

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    Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen - Oud Cover

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    Lecture at Brigham Young University

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